Ben & Kayla Engagement Session



We had only just talked to Kayla for the first time a few weeks ago and booked everything just in time for this destination engagement session to work out perfectly! We couldn’t have asked for a better day and we have to admit that there’s something special about being able to do a destination engagement session on a Monday and make new friends along the way! Ben & Kayla are such a cheerful and sweet couple and right from the start we hit it off and got to make some jokes while getting to know them even better!

We started off the engagement session by meeting at the Turtle Center and walking around the nearby park area covered with beautiful moss and historic buildings with an already beautiful sunset! It was hard to pick a spot for a moment because literally every step you took was another gorgeous area!

They quickly changed and then we headed over to the driftwood beach, it was hard not to pull over for more photos just driving there but we knew there would be plenty of beautiful shots to capture there. We showed up and ditched our shoes to enjoy having our feet in the sand and started to head into the driftwood area. We talked more about what they do for a living and a little bit about the wedding venue while sharing a few laughs and just beautiful photo after beautiful photo! As we switched directions and walked back the other way, we were accompanied by a gorgeous sunset and a pack of geese flying in formation together behind Ben and Kayla (which doesn’t happen much) and it added even more beauty to this one of a kind engagement session! On our way out of the beach, they pointed out the marsh area and commented how it reminds them of the Lion King (cue singing can you feel the love tonight) and we decided to take just a few more photos with the last bit of light and a gorgeous backdrop and then walked out to our cars talking about horses and how much fun we had together! We must say, it was a beautiful Monday well spent and we absolutely love what we do. Seeing this couple so in love and just enjoying themselves while sharing some laughs with us is such a great reminder of what makes our job so beautiful and why we do it.

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Vendors List

Photography - Beauty & Beard Photography @beautyandbeardphoto

Location 1 - Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Location 2 - Driftwood Beach

Charlie & Hannah



Some months ago, we got to meet Charlie and Hannah and their dads for their engagement session and very quickly started to have a great time getting to know them and joke around. Fast forward to Saturday after speaking with them and Hannah’s sister/maid of honor helping plan for months, the day went beautifully! We started off with the girls at The Bobbi Pin Salon in Martinez and enjoying them getting their hair and makeup done while watching the game.

After a little while, we all headed over to Wesley UMC just down the road for the rest of getting ready and the ceremony. The ceremony went off without a hitch and they tied the knot in front of all their friends and family and you can see the pure joy as they were announced husband and wife and they walked back up the aisle together as the Folsoms! Directly after the ceremony, we hung around to do some family photos at the church and a few with the bridal party and couple but wanted to focus on getting most of those at the next location, the Savannah Rapids Pavilion. Once they arrived there in their limo, we walked down to the bride and photographed the entire bridal party and some more individuals and a sweet moment where Jack and Charlie hugged each other in a loving brother moment. Shortly after we dismissed and took the bride and groom for some couples photos around the area briefly and they rode back up to the reception at the top of the hill where would meet back up with them before they were introduced into the reception.

We had previously worked with Amplified events and The Silver Palm Catering and so we quickly felt at home and had an amazing time working with the perfect team and they came in straight into their first dance and then some speeches from the maid of honor, one of the best men and Hannah’s father. It was clear they were all very proud and loved the couple together, Jack had some funny stories and a little bit of a roast of his brother which was hilarious! Rebecca had a big reveal of her wedding gift and speech prop. We have to say that the gift (seen below) was very fitting for the chemistry majors and was made custom with a lot of thought and intention which was really cool! Hannah’s father then came up to thank everyone involved behind the scenes and gave a very warm thank you to the coordinator which was also both of his daughters’ elementary school teacher.

The night continued on into eating some amazing dinner, a father daughter dance along with a lot of other dancing, cake cutting and pure joy that seemed to be the general feel of the room. Come time for the exit, we coordinated everyone into two lines with the glow sticks they had purchased and they had one last big kiss and drove away into the night as newly weds! Cheers to the Folsoms and we wish you both many happy years of marriage and look forward to seeing what the future holds for you!

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Charlie & Hannah-47.jpg
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Charlie & Hannah (smaller)-49.jpg

Vendors List

Photography - Beauty & Beard Photography @beautyandbeardphoto

Hair / Makeup - Amber from The Bobbi Pins Salon

Flowers - Flowers on Broad

Ceremony Venue - Wesley United Methodist Church

Reception Venue - Savannah Rapids Pavilion

DJ - Amplified Events

Caterer - The Silver Palm Catering

Cake - Publix

Macaroons - Tree House Macaron

Erik & Caroline



We got to meet Erik & Caroline over coffee back in May and help go over a lot for this wedding but, we were so excited as soon as they mentioned their ring Bear. That’s their dog’s name by the way, “Bear”. He was such a good boy and they were such an amazing couple so we knew we would love this wedding day but, I don’t think we actually knew how much!

Fast forward to August 18th, the wedding day! We got there a little early to work on details and say hey to everyone. We felt right at home with the girls and Morgan got to sing along with the Jonas Brothers they had playing in the girls room while photographing some of the makeup and hair getting done which, if I am being honest, is pretty much her natural state of being. So we photographed the details and snuck off with the dress before the guys showed up so Erik didn’t see and then they showed up a little bit later and so we split off and I went with the guys a little bit later. Their entire bridal party pretty much had us laughing the entire day and were easy to work with which is amazing!

Once everyone was ready we setup for a first look but with a surprise twist! She was going to stay in her robe and hide behind her cutout of Buddy the Elf with a bow tie on and it quickly turned into the funniest and cutest moment between the two of them. Right after that moment had finished, we started taking everyone over to where the horses had run up to have some photos of the girls in their custom robes and a few featuring Erik also. It was literally perfect timing for all of the horses to run up to eat and play (one of them was standing over his food and rolling in it being super playful, it was hilarious) so of course we took advantage before the girls all went and got in their dresses. Fast forward a little to the ceremony and we witnessed one of the most beautiful and intimate ceremonies where they exchanged their own hand written vows to each other and talked about how they met in Ocean City 10 years ago, how they had time apart during college but never completely, how she straight up called it that they would get married one day even though he thought she was crazy, how they lift each other up time and time again and now after all these years, they finally got to tie the knot! We loved hearing all of the vows but, the man vowed to make her all the Rosemary/Lavender drinks that her heart desires which seems like a good deal!

Right after the ceremony we hopped into family photos quickly and then whisked them away for some romantic couples photos in the sunset with the horses (we like to call them neigh neighs) and then drove them over to this beautiful pecan orchard right across the road. Perry’s Landing has so much to offer in such a close distance so, we had to take advantage while there was time and it was a blast to let the couple relax a little bit and just enjoy being together and taking it in some. We got them back to the venue with time to spare so they hung out in the house that they got ready in with their bridal party for a bit and then headed up to be announced into the reception. It quickly turned into a beautiful night of fun, laughter, dancing, cake cutting, bouquet tossing, tie throwing and beautiful speeches talking about family and new family that we are excited to go back and listen to for the highlight film soon! Later on after more dancing, we got to send them off with a beautiful sparkler exit which was a perfect color filled end to a perfect wedding day!

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Erik & Caroline Blog-56.jpg
Erik & Caroline Blog-109.jpg

Vendors List

Photography - Beauty & Beard Photography @beautyandbeardphoto

Venue, Decor, Design and Catering - Perry’s Landing

Florist - Barry Cowart

HMU - Stephanie King/ Just Blushed Artistry

Cake - Ruby Gomillion/ Cakes by Ruby

Dress - Lillian West/ Elegant Bridals

Suits - Calvin Klein / Men’s Wearhouse

Bella Sweet 16 Session



This sweet little thing is my baby sister….. 16 and almost grown.

Bella is an amazing dancer and wanted to get some really cool pictures of herself defying gravity for her sweet 16 photos. So of course we were happy to make that happen.

We went to Brick Pond Park in North Augusta, South Carolina and spent a couple hours snapping away and came out with some beautiful shots (I know i’m biased but, it’s easy when you have such a cute subject).

Bella's Sweet 16-75.jpg

Vendors List

Photography - Beauty & Beard Photography @beautyandbeardphoto

Venues - Brick Pond Park

Danni & Alison



We got to meet Danni, Alison and Tye (their wedding planner) what feels like ages ago through a facetime type call and got to know them since they would be planning from Maryland. As time went on we kept in touch and talked a lot with Tye and planned their engagement session that we posted earlier this year and got to see their eyes light up talking about how God brought them together and how excited they were for the big day to come!

Fast forward to the wedding day and we set off early from Augusta with our third shooter Tom to be sure to arrive early at the venue and oh boy, just look at this venue.. We were shocked when we drove to Douglasville Ga and got out of the car to see this amazing property.

We started off the day by checking out some of the decor that featured photos from the engagement session, getting some venue photos and then drove to the bride to bride to get the getting ready shots. Her hair was already finished, pulled back in an elegant bun which had been done at another location earlier. The makeup artist was a wiz and a pleasure to work with.

Back at the venue after all the girls had their beautiful dresses on, we captured the sweet moment of Danni and Alison exchanging their love before the ceremony as they held each others hand from behind a door to the bridal suit. I couldn’t help but get a little misty eyed seeing the pure joy on their faces as they spoke to one another.

The ceremony was a hot one…. but oh so beautiful. Did I mention that view?? Many family members went up to sing, and although we couldn’t understand much of anything being said, you could tell the overwhelming love the family has for this couple.

The reception brought some much needed cool air and the amazing smell of the food wafting from the kitchen. As the guest dined on the appetizers, we were able to capture some of the bridal party and romantic shots.

The cake cutting and bouquet toss were very sweet and most of the family was involved with both. It’s just so wonderful to see a couple being supported by so many people.

They opted for an elegant sparkler exit and I think the photos do the beauty of it justice. (If I do say so myself)

Here’s to a bright and blessed future to the new Mr. and Mrs. Andrade.

Danni & Alison-55.jpg
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Danni & Alison-14.jpg
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Danni & Alison-87.jpg
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Danni & Alison-82.jpg
Danni & Alison-32.jpg
Danni & Alison-49.jpg
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Danni & Alison-67.jpg
Danni & Alison-101.jpg
Danni & Alison-109.jpg
Danni & Alison-111.jpg
Danni & Alison-115.jpg
Danni & Alison-117.jpg
Danni & Alison-118.jpg
Danni & Alison-121.jpg
Danni & Alison-122.jpg

Vendors List

Photography - Beauty & Beard Photography @beautyandbeardphoto

Coordinator - Tye Barnett / A stepp above weddings and events

Venue - Foxhall resort

Florist - Floral by Victoria

Hair - Blo Blow Dry Bar

Makeup - Krystal Rae

Catering - Low country catering

Brendan and Sarah Engagement Session



This was an incredibly fun engagement shoot!! Brendan and Sarah are both really into graphic design, which made Jordan really happy…. meaning he could speak nerd with them! We met with this sweet couple at Starbucks to go over what we wanted to do for the engagement shoot. The idea was thrown out for us to travel up to Piedmont Park in Atlanta, and we hopped at the idea. We had yet to be able to do a shoot up there and were eager to see the beautiful scenery.

When the date arrived for us to meet for the engagement shoot, we loaded up the car and traveled up to Atlanta… It took us about two hours to get there and we had a heck of a time finding parking… but man, was it worth it.

Piedmont Park exceeded our expectations. A photo opportunity was found around every corner. After much walking around trying to find Brendan and Sarah, we finally located them at the cutest little gazebo in the center of the park. Guys… this park is HUGE.

I think my favorite part of this shoot was the last couple of shots we got. Just look at that beautiful skyline of the city!

We are so looking forward to this couples wedding next year, and are honored to be apart of every step of the way to their big day.

Brendan & Sarah-00326.jpg

Vendors List

Photography - Beauty & Beard Photography @beautyandbeardphoto

Venues - Piedmont Park

Keith & Megan Engagement Session



Keith an Megan are just the most adorable couple that are just smitten with each other. We met them at Hammond’s Ferry in North Augusta South Carolina to do a shoot with Keith’s immediate family. We captured many sweet moments with the family as we walked all around the beautiful town. After a while we set off to Brick Pond Park just down the road from where we started and captured some intimate moments between Keith and Megan and their adorable love!

Sadly half way through their engagement shoot it started to rain so we decided to do a part two on another date, which is why we ended up getting such amazing diversity for their session.

We were shocked at the part two portion of the shoot when we got to Pendleton King Park and saw all the breath taking blooms. We have done many shoots at this spot but never before seen this show of colors in their gardens.

We are looking forward to a bright future for these two as they set a date and begin planning for their wedding!

Keith & Megan (67 of 135).jpg