Bella Sweet 16 Session



This sweet little thing is my baby sister….. 16 and almost grown.

Bella is an amazing dancer and wanted to get some really cool pictures of herself defying gravity for her sweet 16 photos. So of course we were happy to make that happen.

We went to Brick Pond Park in North Augusta, South Carolina and spent a couple hours snapping away and came out with some beautiful shots (I know i’m biased but, it’s easy when you have such a cute subject).

Bella's Sweet 16-75.jpg

Vendors List

Photography - Beauty & Beard Photography @beautyandbeardphoto

Venues - Brick Pond Park

Danni & Alison



We got to meet Danni, Alison and Tye (their wedding planner) what feels like ages ago through a facetime type call and got to know them since they would be planning from Maryland. As time went on we kept in touch and talked a lot with Tye and planned their engagement session that we posted earlier this year and got to see their eyes light up talking about how God brought them together and how excited they were for the big day to come!

Fast forward to the wedding day and we set off early from Augusta with our third shooter Tom to be sure to arrive early at the venue and oh boy, just look at this venue.. We were shocked when we drove to Douglasville Ga and got out of the car to see this amazing property.

We started off the day by checking out some of the decor that featured photos from the engagement session, getting some venue photos and then drove to the bride to bride to get the getting ready shots. Her hair was already finished, pulled back in an elegant bun which had been done at another location earlier. The makeup artist was a wiz and a pleasure to work with.

Back at the venue after all the girls had their beautiful dresses on, we captured the sweet moment of Danni and Alison exchanging their love before the ceremony as they held each others hand from behind a door to the bridal suit. I couldn’t help but get a little misty eyed seeing the pure joy on their faces as they spoke to one another.

The ceremony was a hot one…. but oh so beautiful. Did I mention that view?? Many family members went up to sing, and although we couldn’t understand much of anything being said, you could tell the overwhelming love the family has for this couple.

The reception brought some much needed cool air and the amazing smell of the food wafting from the kitchen. As the guest dined on the appetizers, we were able to capture some of the bridal party and romantic shots.

The cake cutting and bouquet toss were very sweet and most of the family was involved with both. It’s just so wonderful to see a couple being supported by so many people.

They opted for an elegant sparkler exit and I think the photos do the beauty of it justice. (If I do say so myself)

Here’s to a bright and blessed future to the new Mr. and Mrs. Andrade.

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Vendors List

Photography - Beauty & Beard Photography @beautyandbeardphoto

Coordinator - Tye Barnett / A stepp above weddings and events

Venue - Foxhall resort

Florist - Floral by Victoria

Hair - Blo Blow Dry Bar

Makeup - Krystal Rae

Catering - Low country catering

Brendan and Sarah Engagement Session



This was an incredibly fun engagement shoot!! Brendan and Sarah are both really into graphic design, which made Jordan really happy…. meaning he could speak nerd with them! We met with this sweet couple at Starbucks to go over what we wanted to do for the engagement shoot. The idea was thrown out for us to travel up to Piedmont Park in Atlanta, and we hopped at the idea. We had yet to be able to do a shoot up there and were eager to see the beautiful scenery.

When the date arrived for us to meet for the engagement shoot, we loaded up the car and traveled up to Atlanta… It took us about two hours to get there and we had a heck of a time finding parking… but man, was it worth it.

Piedmont Park exceeded our expectations. A photo opportunity was found around every corner. After much walking around trying to find Brendan and Sarah, we finally located them at the cutest little gazebo in the center of the park. Guys… this park is HUGE.

I think my favorite part of this shoot was the last couple of shots we got. Just look at that beautiful skyline of the city!

We are so looking forward to this couples wedding next year, and are honored to be apart of every step of the way to their big day.

Brendan & Sarah-00326.jpg

Vendors List

Photography - Beauty & Beard Photography @beautyandbeardphoto

Venues - Piedmont Park

Keith & Megan Engagement Session



Keith an Megan are just the most adorable couple that are just smitten with each other. We met them at Hammond’s Ferry in North Augusta South Carolina to do a shoot with Keith’s immediate family. We captured many sweet moments with the family as we walked all around the beautiful town. After a while we set off to Brick Pond Park just down the road from where we started and captured some intimate moments between Keith and Megan and their adorable love!

Sadly half way through their engagement shoot it started to rain so we decided to do a part two on another date, which is why we ended up getting such amazing diversity for their session.

We were shocked at the part two portion of the shoot when we got to Pendleton King Park and saw all the breath taking blooms. We have done many shoots at this spot but never before seen this show of colors in their gardens.

We are looking forward to a bright future for these two as they set a date and begin planning for their wedding!

Keith & Megan (67 of 135).jpg

Vendors List

Photography - Beauty & Beard Photography @beautyandbeardphoto

Venues - Brick Pond Park, Pendelton King Park

Stephen & Shawna



So this particular wedding happens to be very special to us… This is my Aunt! I’m getting all teary eyed just going back through all of these photos. I mean, just look at her, she’s stunning! Stephen and she are just so happy and it melts my heart.

The wedding took place at Shawna’s parent’s home in Madison Georgia. The weather was great and just look at all the flowers in bloom.

Some of our family including myself, drove up to Madison the day before to help get the house and grounds ready. It was so fun to get to spend a little extra time with my mom, sister and grandparents as we anticipated the day to come.

Shawna spent the morning in Augusta getting her hair and makeup done and then drove out to Madison to look over some final details for the day. Once Stephen and the rest of the family had arrived it was time for the ceremony to start. It was such a beautiful and intimate wedding day.

I am so happy for the both of them and their little family and can’t wait to see where God takes them in this new journey in both of their lives.

Stephen and Shawna Wedding-.jpg

Vendors List

Photography - Beauty & Beard Photography @beautyandbeardphoto

Hair - Tristen Real / Studio 285

Makeup - Alexis Senesac

Catering - Pine and Plum Catering

Monte & Christiana



Quinney Oaks Plantation is beautiful just like Christiana and Monte and their love for each other. The whole day was filled with stunning details and sweet traditions right down to the sixpence in her shoe and burying a bottle of bourbon on the venue site a month before the ceremony (which we learned is to ward off bad weather…it worked).

The girls started off the day getting ready in a cabin at Magnolia Springs Park in Millen Georgia, which looked out over a gorgeous pond. While preparations for the day began the ladies began their primping. Much of the time at the cabin was a wonderful time to just be around family and friends as they were pampered for the day ahead. There were snacks galore; of which the little flower girl seemed to like more than anything. As time drew closer to leave for the venue Christiana applied her final touch of nail polish to complete her look, and off we went.

Upon arrival at the venue we spent some time with the guys who had been hanging out in an on-site carriage house. After capturing the fun moments and laughter at this lighthearted part of the day, the men set off to complete the bourbon bottle tradition. Legend has it that if you bury a full bottle of bourbon upside down exactly a month before the ceremony and that it will ward off any bad weather. We have only witnessed this southern tradition once but, so far it’s one for one!

The ceremony was elegant and heart felt in a beautiful garden behind the plantation home. Each bridesmaid looked amazing in their black dresses which popped against the white gardenia bouquets, and the groomsmen looked very dapper in their white suits and black bow ties.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds were introduced and they went into their first dance. After a moment they invited all the couples up to dance with them. It was very touching to see them sharing that special moment with all their loved ones and friends.

I definitely cannot forget to mention how much we love the catering at Quinney Oaks. The food is always amazing and you can tell that it is made with love. Kirk and Judy Rocker, the owners of the plantation, are always wonderful and are there throughout the day to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Towards the end of the reception, there was a special unexpected toast with a bottle of late harvest Zinfandel that their family had made and bottled many years ago for this very occasion. There were lots of tears over the heart felt moment as the cork was popped and glasses were poured for everyone, the toast was made “May the worst days of your future be better than the best days of your past.”

Finally the guests showed the couple off with a beautiful sparkler exit as Chistiana and Monte walked out of the 1920’s plantation home, they road off into the night and will be taking their honeymoon to St. Lucia towards the end of June.

Monte & Christiana (55 of 203).jpg

Vendors List

Photography - Beauty & Beard Photography @beautyandbeardphoto

Venue - Quinney Oaks Plantation

DJ - Jordan Watts – EYN Entertainment

Flowers - April Mock – Into the Fields Flowers

Hair & Makeup - Rachel Biestman – Maq & Mane

Catering - Quinney Oaks Plantation

Photo Booth - Jasmine Wiley – JW Impressions

Cake - Tonia Bryant

Campground - Magnolia Springs

Hotel - Hampton Inn

Jeremy & Julianna



Jeremy and Jules are such a cool couple! We met them at a bridal expo last year and come to find out we had mutual friends that we have done acting headshots for quite a bit. We met up with them later over coffee and just hanging out and remember it like it was yesterday and just talking about their love for one another and all things Harry Potter among a bunch of other films that we love to nerd out over! We have to say that we had been looking forward to this wedding for a long time for a lot of reasons and it was such a perfect day! They have surrounded themselves with so many fun, loving and hilarious people and the special touches like her Grandfather’s pocket watch and the green dresses and ring that goes with Julianna’s birth stone were so personal and perfect! The girls started off their day at the Hilton Garden Inn in Augusta and then everyone met up at the beautiful Savannah Rapids Pavilion for the ceremony and reception. We know they’ll continue to be an amazing couple and we’re excited to see what married life will hold in store for them!

Jeremy & Julianna (48 of 209).jpg
Sam & Audrey (60 of 160).jpg