driftwood beach

Ben & Kayla Engagement Session



We had only just talked to Kayla for the first time a few weeks ago and booked everything just in time for this destination engagement session to work out perfectly! We couldn’t have asked for a better day and we have to admit that there’s something special about being able to do a destination engagement session on a Monday and make new friends along the way! Ben & Kayla are such a cheerful and sweet couple and right from the start we hit it off and got to make some jokes while getting to know them even better!

We started off the engagement session by meeting at the Turtle Center and walking around the nearby park area covered with beautiful moss and historic buildings with an already beautiful sunset! It was hard to pick a spot for a moment because literally every step you took was another gorgeous area!

They quickly changed and then we headed over to the driftwood beach, it was hard not to pull over for more photos just driving there but we knew there would be plenty of beautiful shots to capture there. We showed up and ditched our shoes to enjoy having our feet in the sand and started to head into the driftwood area. We talked more about what they do for a living and a little bit about the wedding venue while sharing a few laughs and just beautiful photo after beautiful photo! As we switched directions and walked back the other way, we were accompanied by a gorgeous sunset and a pack of geese flying in formation together behind Ben and Kayla (which doesn’t happen much) and it added even more beauty to this one of a kind engagement session! On our way out of the beach, they pointed out the marsh area and commented how it reminds them of the Lion King (cue singing can you feel the love tonight) and we decided to take just a few more photos with the last bit of light and a gorgeous backdrop and then walked out to our cars talking about horses and how much fun we had together! We must say, it was a beautiful Monday well spent and we absolutely love what we do. Seeing this couple so in love and just enjoying themselves while sharing some laughs with us is such a great reminder of what makes our job so beautiful and why we do it.

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Vendors List

Photography - Beauty & Beard Photography @beautyandbeardphoto

Location 1 - Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Location 2 - Driftwood Beach